What is the MLS?

The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service is an online database of real estate listings used to advertise real estate across the internet. It is the most effective and efficient way for a seller to reach buyers. In fact, the MLS matches the buyer with the seller in 80% of all real estate transactions.

A "one stop shop" for real estate listings, the Multiple Listing Service makes life easier for home buyers and sellers, real estate agents, appraisers, and other real estate professionals.

  • Home buyers and their agents use the MLS to find the perfect property match. They can even choose to receive daily e-mails informing them of newly listed properties.
  • Home sellers and real estate agents advertise properties on the MLS. The most popular real estate websites display listings taken from the database. Properties in the database sell one month faster on average.
  • Appraisers and agents search the MLS for detailed market reports and comparable properties.

The abbreviation "MLS" can refer to any Multiple Listing Service. At Sell Your Home Services, we are careful to list your property on the most widely used real estate database in your area in order to achieve maximum exposure for your listing.

Our Flat Fee MLS Service

How can I list my property on the MLS?

  1. Place an order for our listing service through our secure online checkout. Credit and debit cards are accepted.
  2. You will be contacted by a representative in your area in order to gather property information and any required real estate forms (varies by location). You can send photos for your listing by e-mail. Listings are generally up and running within 24 hours.

How will buyers contact me?

Your contact information will be displayed in the listing, with a message such as "Please contact seller Dave directly for all inquiries at (123) 555-1234." Most buyers will contact you directly, though a small percentage reach out to us first. Any buyer calls that we receive will be forwarded directly to you.

Are there any additional fees?

Our service is available for a one-time, flat fee.

What about buyer's agents?

About 80% of buyers are working with buyers agents. To receive the highest offer for your property, it is crucial to reach as many potential buyers as possible. We therefore recommend entertaining all offers - those from independent buyers, and those from buyers agents.. It pays to have options and in many cases, a buyers agent will provide the best offer.

Per MLS guidelines, you will be asked to choose a commission that would be offered to a buyer's agent (often 2-3%). If a buyer makes an offer through their agent, you can choose to accept or reject this offer. You can even counter-offer 2-3% higher to cover the commission if you'd like. If you choose to accept, this commission would be settled at the time of closing.

What forms will I need to fill out?

Our forms can be completed 100% online in about 15-20 minutes. No printing, faxing, or mailing is required, although this option is available if you prefer. 

The exact forms vary from state to state, and generally include a property information form, a listing agreement as required by the Multiple Listing Service, and an informational consumer disclosure form. 

Upon receiving your order, we will e-mail you a link to complete your online forms such as the links above, along with simple instructions. We aim to make our listing forms friendly and easy to complete, while adhering to local MLS and state real estate regulations. 

Why does my listing appear a certain way on a partner site (such as Realtor.com)?

One reason the Multiple Listing Service database is so powerful is that it syndicates your listing to hundreds of real estate websites in order to reach more potential buyers (Homes.com, Zillow, Trulia, and New York Times real estate to name a few). These websites collect listing data from the database and then format it in their own way, relative to the design of their specific website. Some will use all available information, while others will display basic information such as beds, baths, living area, etc. While we do not have specific control over the formatting on these third party sites, we work with the MLS to be sure that your listing is listed For Sale on as many of these sites as possible.

Please note that the partner sites generally take 24 to 48 hours to refresh their information and reflect listing updates, based on their individual update schedules.

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