The most effective real estate advertising system available - now fits a for sale by owner budget!

The MLS sells 80% of all real estate!

Statistics prove that one action sells 80% of all real estate. That one action is listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service - the central database that sends your listing just about everywhere buyers are searching.

Traditionally, you needed to work with a full-service agent to gain this level of exposure. While the MLS still requires a licensed agent to host your listing, you no longer need to pay a hefty commission. Our network of licensed agents in all 50 states provides the professional marketing of the MLS for a one-time, flat fee.

While listing, you can stay in control as a "for sale by owner" seller. Buyers will call you directly, and you can update your listing with a quick e-mail. It's the best of both worlds.

Pays for Itself, and Then Some

Our sellers save an average of $8,000 by avoiding real estate commissions. About half of them paid no commission at all, while the other half have chosen to pay 2-3% to a buyer's agent for bringing the best offer.


What's more, properties listed on the MLS sell for a higher price. Studies in various markets have shown that listed properties sell for 5%, 8%, 13%, and even 23% higher than those not listed on the MLS! This is not surprising, as more exposure leads to more offers, negotiating power, and even bidding wars between buyers!

Finally, when you advertise your property on the Multiple Listing Service, you can expect it to sell one month faster on average. Since you are currently paying property taxes, insurance, mortgage interest, etc., it pays to avoid that extra month of payments.

Most sellers schedule 3-5 showings in their first week! If you're ready, click the button to get started. Or learn more below...

E-mail Alerts to Matching Buyers

Home buyers who have saved a search criteria in the Multiple Listing Service, or on partner sites such as receive alerts when new property matches are listed. Within 24 hours of your property appearing on the MLS, dozens of alerts will be sent out to potential buyers. Buyers will click a link to view your listing, and can call you to schedule a showing. It's no surprise that most of our sellers schedule 3-5 showings in their first week!

Higher Quality Buyers

Buyers who are searching the MLS or its hundreds of partner sites are more likely to be pre-approved for a mortgage, and are more willing to pay you fair market value for your property. If you were a serious buyer, wouldn't you search on a website made specifically for real estate?

On the other hand, lower quality buyers - real estate sharks who submit lowball offers, as well as buyers with poor credit expect better odds on Craig's List.

Targeting high-quality buyers ensures that your real estate transaction will run smoothly from start to finish.

The real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

  • Sells 80% of all properties sold
  • Sells properties one month faster
  • Earns sellers a higher average sale price
  • Reaches higher-quality buyers
  • Is available to you, as a for sale by owner, for a one-time, flat fee. (Our sellers save $8,000 on average).
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