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You can view our current MLS listings here as provided by the MLS Property Information Network. Click on the blue number to view an individual listing. Request a showing here. Please note:

  • Our listings appear on hundreds of real estate search websites. Try Googling the addresses below to envision how your listing will show up just about everywhere buyers are searching.
  • Listings displayed here are those that we personally host in accordance with real estate licensing law (MA real estate broker #009520103, PA real estate broker #SBR002012). Our service is available in all 50 states through our network of partners, ensuring that a locally licensed representative will host your listing.

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Most sellers schedule 3-5 showings in their first week on the Multiple Listing Service!

Additional Information Regarding Featured Listings:

  • The listings featured here are pulled directly from the Multiple Listing Service Property Information Network, the most widely used MLS database in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The ads will appear nationally and even internationally to any home buyer who is searching on one of hundreds of partnering websites.
  • These properties are all advertised using a model known as the entry only agreement. They are hosted in the professional database under a basic listing agreement with a licensed agent, but the nature of the entry only listing agreement is structured in a way that the sellers are essentially For Sale by Owner sellers. They handle showings, communication with buyers and buyers agents, and the additional steps of the home selling process leading up to and including the real estate closing. At the same time, they save thousands on average when compared to a traditional commission while enjoying the additional exposure that listing on the database with a licensed real estate agent provides.
  • Additional information regarding these listings is available, as the full property flyer includes fields for just about every imaginable detail. Certain fields are required, while the seller can choose to include or omit more detailed information based on their advertising preferences. The formatting displayed here is intended for a quick and convenient look at the specifications of the property.
  • Full listing sheets include a field for Special Showing Instructions, where our sellers can list their contact information. Choices for showing instructions generally include Call List Agent, Call List Office, Appointment Required, etc., and we generally check the "Owner" box, as well as "See Special Showing Instructions," whereby interested parties can obtain the buyer's contact information and call them directly. Any communication or showing requests that we receive are forwarded directly to our sellers in accordance with their preferences.