Your service was terrific. It enabled me to sell my home and save thousands of dollars. I appreciated your help along the way. I would recommend your service to anyone who wants to sell. Thank You.
— Al Nichols, For Sale by Owner
I have been very happy with Sell Your Home Services marketing my homes for sale. The prompt and accurate responses to my updates has been amazing, and I look forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks again for making this sale happen. Take care!
— Michael Pinto, House Flipper
Listing on MLS was very effective for us. Thanks so much for your service—-definitely the best single action for us in selling the house.
— Bud Samiljan, For Sale by Owner
Thank you for your help with the sale of our home in Easton, MA. I knew there were many options to get our home listed, but they seemed restrictive and pricy. When contacted, you responded immediately to my emails and followed up with a phone call. When changes had to be made, you made them immediately. I couldn’t be happier with the customer service, ease of use and the value. I will gladly recommend you to others.
— Laurie Farquharson, For Sale by Owner
This past year we sold our house. We tried using Zillow, Craigslist and other online advertisements. Although we did receive interest it was not what one would receive if they were on the MLS. Because we did not want to pay realtor’s fees, we needed to find someone that would work with us to broaden our marketing. We found Sell Your Home Services. Dan was very responsive to all our needs. The house was listed on the MLS in a day and we received offers within days. We did the work of showing the house, negotiating the sale price and all the paperwork required to sell the house, but Dan’s role saved us thousands of dollars. The services Dan provided did broaden our market reach through the MLS for a fraction of the price a Realtor would charge. We would highly recommend Dan to anyone who wants to sell their home on their own.
— Eric Adelman & Tony Perry, For Sale by Owners
Working with Sell Your Home Services is a smooth, easy process. Additionally, they have saved us thousands of dollars and plenty of time.
— Pranam Lipinski, Land Investor
This past year I sold my condo. For the first 3 months or so I tried to sell it on my own using Zillow and other classifieds. While I did receive some interest, it was not the level I was hoping for. I knew I had to get on the MLS but did not want to pay the 5-6% that a listing brokerage would require. It just doesn’t seem that people should get paid thousands of dollars just to list your property. I was willing to do the work and show the house and follow-up with potential clients. That is when I heard about Sell Your Home Services. This service allows an individual to sell their own home while getting the advantage of being listed on the MLS, which automatically gets you listed in a lot of places not available to the average homeowner. Now, you do have to do your own showings and handle the leg work, but at the end of the day, it is well worth it. I listed my house and had an immediate uptick in interest, and not just interest, but solid leads. And when I had changes for the listing it was a quick email to Dan and the listing was updated quickly and efficiently. Thanks Dan for your assistance. I recommend this service for anyone trying to sell their home. It is easy, cost effective, and greatly enhances your leads.
— Bill Clemmey, Real Estate Entrepreneur
I have scheduled 3 showings already (after just 5 days!) - Thanks Dan!
— Amanda Lang, For Sale by Owner
We would use Sell Your Home Services on any future sales of our properties. Dan provided us a very straight forward approach at a reasonable cost. His professionalism in this endeavor was shown throughout the process. Thank you Dan.
— Frank and Tom, Real Estate Investors
It’s been a pleasure working with you, you’ve been great. I just wish I had another one to sell!
— Charlie Stuart, For Sale by Owner
The idea is brilliant and saved me $15,000 by doing it this way. I was able to really get a better feel from the buyer which I think helped the negotiations, and moved them much quicker than I have experienced in the past. I will for sure spread the word to family and friends.
— Nick Anderson, Real Estate Investor
Thanks for all your help. Will be recommending you to friends!
— Paul Regard, For Sale by Owner

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